The new biomass system being installed at Ardingly College in East Sussex. See the full story at the Case Studies page.

Making energy work smarter

We are specialists in energy management. Our aim is to make it easy for you to learn about buying energy efficiency solutions and generating your own renewable heat or electricity. We’re a leading energy advisor, project manager and specialist finance provider offering impartial and qualified energy management expertise and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions to businesses and homes.


The energy market is changing at an unprecedented rate. In the past, under-exploiting energy management opportunities may have had limited implications on bottom-line performance.  In today’s new energy market businesses need to take greater control of their energy costs using proactive energy management to materially enhance business performance.


Making your home more energy efficient helps save energy and reduce costs. ReEnergise provides independent and impartial advice to help you work out what combination of better energy management and renewable energy will make your home more sustainable and cheaper to run. 

Energy efficiency systems

Do you know your PVs from your CHPs, your cavity wall from your solid wall insulation or your biomass from your biogas? No? Well, why should you? We don’t like the clever-clogs approach to advising on energy management. We don’t like jargon and we don’t like techno-babble. But, we do like to keep it simple. Click below to get our views.

Renewable energy options

About us

We founded ReEnergise to offer our clients two things. Firstly independent and impartial advice and specialist project management for energy efficiency, energy management or renewable technology projects. Secondly, we wanted to provide a source of intelligent finance for businesses and homeowners who are looking to fund their energy efficiency project.  We are proud of the business we are building and would be delighted to talk to you if you feel we could be of help.

Tarquin Henderson, Founder.

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