26 October 17

Did you see our update about the RHI tariffs?

For one school in particular this has been a significant issue this year. In September last year the Bursar at Lucton School in Herefordshire asked us for a feasibility study on the merits of installing a biomass system on his estate.

26 October 17

ReEnergise Finance funding two renewable installations

ReEnergise Finance has had a busy summer with two transactions in particular placing our Lease Finance offer competitively at the forefront of the 3rd-party finance market. 

26 October 17

Energy Costs Benchmarking for Independent Schools

At the 2017 ISBA conference in May we collected data from 53 schools on their annual energy costs. The purpose of this exercise was to establish benchmarks on energy usage per pupil, taking account of fundamental differences such as boarding/day, or percentage of boarding. 

25 October 17

New rates for Biomass Renewable Heat Incentive

Ofgem have confirmed that the new tariff for Biomass has now been implemented.

25 October 17

What's going to happen to energy prices in the next few years?

Predicting what energy markets will do is no easier than predicting any other commodity. Indeed, simply working out what the price of energy has been in the past is difficult, because there is so much data available, presented in so many different ways, to suit so many differing vested interests.  

9 August 17

Sherborne Girls

ReEnergise has been appointed to install a Ground Source Heat Pump system for the new Arts Centre at Sherborne Girls. Work has begun with the installation of the borehole array.

1 April 17

Have you ever stood on the side of a busy motorway or dual carriageway and felt the buffeting as traffic whizzes past?

Windy isn’t it?

Well, scientists working for the BEIS have come up with a proposal to harness this free energy, and it’s got legs…

30 March 17

RHI Installer of the Year for South East England

We’re delighted to report that ReEnergise has been awarded RHI Installer of the Year for South East England.

23 March 17

ReEnergise Finance has recently completed the financing of a Turbine on the Isle of Harris

ReEnergise Finance has recently completed the financing of a Turbine on the Isle of Harris

17 March 17

A Jedi is no match for a Bursar

Jack Marriner’s Tesla parked itself silently in his allotted space, outside the Bursary at Fandangle Hall School. As he got out he had that sense that today was going to be no ordinary day.