Creating an energy efficient business

To realise the opportunity offered by the new energy market, businesses often need a trusted, experienced advisor to help build practical plans that will deliver a clear return on investment.

ReEnergise’s intelligent energy management solutions combine proven energy efficiency and renewables technologies, experienced project management and engineering expertise and our own specialist energy project finance funds.

Applying our practical project management and engineering skills we help clients to:

  • Identify where best to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Improve the energy efficiency of their existing infrastructure
  • Consider if and where renewable energy technologies could enhance energy efficiency
  • Determine where capital investment and Government subsidies will reduce energy costs most quickly.

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Energy management services

Our energy management solutions are centred around four individual but related services.

Energy audit

We provide detailed energy efficiency assessments of a single building or larger campus and identify the best and fastest route to energy cost reduction. We can also provide commercial Green Deal, EPC and thermal surveys using our own team of assessors. Our reports are practical and focused on return on investment to provide our clients with a clear business case for any capital investment.

Energy strategy

Our team of specialists help clients turn plans into action.  We ensure any energy strategy is closely aligned to business goals and help organisations set priorities, timetable investment decisions and review funding options to maximise ROI.

Project management and installation

We stand alongside our clients as they move plans into action.  We help them make the right purchasing decisions through technology and installer tender management. We provide specialist project management from purchase to commissioning including support in Planning submissions and Government grant applications.

Managed energy services

Significant business benefit can be gained from continued proactive monitoring, maintenance and control of new or enhanced energy systems.  We work with clients to ensure that their investment is delivering on its promise and that cost savings and Government grants are being maximised in the long-term.


We work with a large number of independent and grant-maintained schools seeking energy cost reductions, whilst improving the comfort of their pupils and staff.

Multi-building school estates that have grown organically sometimes over hundreds of years present their own individual energy management challenges. We understand these and have worked extensively with Bursars and Governing Boards to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs across complex, multi-purpose campuses.

Estates and farms

In addition to our core energy management services, we offer farms and estates pragmatic and impartial advice on the suitability and eligibility of larger-scale renewable energy installations such as PV, biomass and anaerobic digestion.  This includes detailed cost-benefit and ROI analysis of any potential renewable energy installations.  We work across the whole life-cycle of a project including support through Planning and Government Grant submission

Developers and architects

We provide advice on the best way to integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into your scheme – whether that’s a new build, retrofit, extension or renovation. 

We offer independent technology suitability and performance assessment, support in the integration of renewable energy solutions at design stage, detailed cost benefit analysis for you and your client and then specialist purchasing and installation project management.

Local authorities

We advise local authorities on how best to integrate proactive energy management across their administrative and tenanted building estates.  We also work with them to develop medium and longer-term energy financing solutions that will help energy efficiency programmes become reality.