Beaulieu Estate

The Challenge

Beaulieu Enterprises and The National Motor Museum commissioned ReEnergise to undertake a review of energy systems and consumption across its four main buildings, with an emphasis on reducing energy usage and costs. The buildings and infrastructure of the Beaulieu site are, although relatively modern in design, ageing and generally designed before energy conservation was considered as important as it is today. A visual inspection of the buildings and their systems allowed us to fully assess the detail of their operation and design, and to look for opportunities in improvement and modification that would reduce energy consumption.

ReEnergise’s Approach

The visual inspection of the Beaulieu site indicated to our team and the client that The National Motor Museum was consuming more energy than it needs, due to the lightweight construction and poor thermal performance of the buildings. This was compounded by an ageing, oil-fired heating system, and over one kilometre of pipe work connecting this heating system to the target buildings - it was quite possible that more heat was being lost during the distribution than was being usefully emitted into the museum. The walk around inspection also highlighted heat losses from poorly insulated pipe work, roofs and walls, and single glazed, poorly fitted windows, providing the Museum management with a number of recommendations for reducing energy consumption.

ReEnergise also provided the client with a comprehensive independent overview of all renewable technologies available for heat and power generation on the site, including background information on each technology, its potential application at Beaulieu, and any planning constraints that would have to be considered.

Beaulieu Estate

Course of Action

After extensive discussions with the client, it was decided that a biomass boiler would be the most appropriate option, and ReEnergise were asked to run a tender process for this installation. From our advice, the Beaulieu management decided on installing two 200kW wood chip boilers.  Work is now underway to install this system.