Sherborne Girls School

The Challenge

Sherborne Girls’ school campus comprises of a selection of buildings that whilst purpose built, has evolved with a new block being added every 10 or so years since the early 1900’s. The main building of the school dates back to the 1800’s, when it was built as a country manor house. Despite their bespoke nature, the older blocks were built before energy efficiency was seen as important and were therefore lacking in insulation, and even the newer builds had potential for improvement.

With an annual energy budget approaching £500,000 there was a strong business imperative to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

ReEnergise’s Approach

The first step in this project was to undertake a comprehensive energy audit of the school campus, culminating in a detailed report delivered in a form that was easy to ready and with clear actions identified and prioritised. The report included analysis on each of the school’s houses and buildings, options for improving the efficiency in each of these areas, and the costs and benefits of a variety of renewable and energy efficient investments. As part of the report, ReEnergise also undertook a thermal survey of the school campus, to highlight the thermal performance of the buildings. 

Sherborne Girls School

Course of Action

After delivery of the report to the client, ReEnergise was appointed by the school as project manager to support the implementation of an energy saving strategy. ReEnergise has subsequently engaged in a series of implementation tasks. The first was to run the tendering for the installation of solar PV and solar thermal installations that serve the swimming pool and sports centre; and then project-manage these installations through to successful commissioning. In late 2015/early 2016 we ran the school’s ESOS audit. This had to be done in order to comply with the new legislation. Much of the work had already been covered by our earlier audit, but the ESOS specification mandated some additional inspections and assessment. Recently we have installed our energy monitoring and management system, which gives staff and students web-based access to real-time and retrospective displays about energy usage. The system is set up to show usage down to certain individual circuits, so that the school will be able to compare – for example – usage by boarding houses; or identify anomalies, that can then be put right. The purpose is to encourage, persuade, or shame occupants into using less energy, as well as identifying potential improvements in routine management of the estate’s energy usage. It’s a spend to save measure and we applaud the school for taking this initiative.

We are currently engaged in a technical feasibility study to assess the cost versus benefit of a district heating system that would serve most of the estate.

This year our range of work at Sherborne Girls gained us a regional award for encouraging improvements in energy efficiency around the UK.