The Ridgeway

The challenge

The Ridgeway is an architect designed house, situated remotely in the Surrey Hills. Whilst built to modern standards, the owners faced the double challenge of high electricity and heating bills. The house has an extensive but temperamental under-floor heating system with heating supplied by off-grid container gas.

With a family of five in residence during the majority of the year, the main objective was to look at ways to improve the energy efficiency of the house’s overall energy infrastructure and begin to integrate renewable energy sources into the mix.

ReEnergise’s approach

ReEnergise conducted a detailed energy survey of The Ridgeway, including an energy audit of expenditure on electricity and heating over 12 months to identify a set of benchmarks and potential routes to energy saving. We also undertook a two week monitored analysis of electricity consumption.

Our comprehensive 25-page report was then reviewed and discussed face-to-face with the owners. A number of conventional and renewable energy options were considered including boiler replacements, energy efficiency improvements to the core heating infrastructure, replacement lighting and renewable energy technologies such as solar PV, solar thermal and a biomass boiler.

Four specific courses of action were agreed:

  • Installation of a 4kW solar PV system
  • Replacement of low voltage halogen lighting
  • Reconfiguration of the core heating system
  • A switch to biomass heating in 2013
The Ridgeway


ReEnergise’s initial energy audit enables financial and performance returns to be estimated accurately. This independent energy survey creates the rationale for investment in one or more specific energy management solutions.

4kW roof-mounted solar PV system

  • Cost of installation £13,000 (inc VAT)
  • 10 year electricity savings £3,660
  • Estimated 10 yr FiT payment £10,800
  • Payback 9 years
  • Implied return 11.1%

55kW Biomass heating system (2013)

  • Cost of installation £36,000
  • 10 year savings on fuel £38,000
  • Estimated 10 yr RHI payment £48,500
  • Payback 4.2 years
  • Implied return 24%

In addition to these core recommendations, ReEnergise has also overseen the reconfiguration of the existing heating system and provided advice on energy saving lighting replacement.