Energy efficiency advice for homeowners

Since we set up ReEnergise we have helped hundreds of people improve home energy efficiency and install renewable technologies, leading to greater energy cost savings.

The first step towards saving energy at home is gaining a thorough understanding of your home’s energy profile.  Once you know what you are dealing with you can make sensible investment decisions.  This means that you may just need to improve your loft insulation, or it could mean that a new wood pellet boiler will be amazingly more efficient and cheaper to run.

We help our customers assess what is best for their home, make sensible purchasing decisions and then ensure that any installation is  completed on time and on budget by experienced and qualified engineers.

Energy Efficiency Review

The first step towards increased energy efficiency and lower bills

Our energy efficiency review provides:

  1. An appointment with one of our energy advisors to assess where and how you could improve energy efficiency in your home – we don’t sell any systems directly, so you’ll get an independent and impartial view from us.
  2. A detailed and bespoke energy audit report written in plain English, specifically for you and your home.
  3. Fully-costed recommendations for improving energy efficiency through renewable AND conventional technology.
  4. A thorough financial analysis of the time it will take to see a ‘return on investment’ with the impact of any relevant Government subsidy built into this.
  5. An official Energy Performance Certificate that ranks your home against national standards.

Once you know what you are dealing with and what the best options for energy efficiency improvement might be, we can help you through the process of selecting and installing the right system for your home.  We offer a comprehensive project management service from design through to installation.

Project management

Choosing the right energy efficiency measure or renewable energy technology for your home can be a daunting task. Our job is to help you through that process and make sure that the system is fitted correctly and working as it should be. Once it is up and running, we will always be there to ensure that it continues to run efficiently.