Our energy finance solutions

Intelligent approach to finance

ReEnergise Finance is focused exclusively on supporting the energy efficiency and renewable energy market.

Using our own managed funds and funds from our partnership with Société Générale Equipment Finance; we provide Hire Purchase and Lease finance solutions to commercial businesses, independent schools, academy schools and Public Sector bodies to support their investment in renewable energy generation.

The renewable energy project finance options are designed to be self-funding through the savings from more energy efficient equipment. We offer 100% finance solutions to include ground works, installation and other project related costs.

Business and independent schools financing

Commercial hire purchase and finance lease:

  • 100% financing including groundworks, installation, plant equipment and plant room construction.
  • Stage payments funded during construction phase.
  • VAT can be included in the finance package (a key benefit for clients with charitable status).
  • Fixed repayments (interest) over the full financing term.
  • Competitive rates of interest.
  • Financing terms to 10 years.
  • Flexible repayments linked to energy savings and Government incentives.
  • Low start repayments with annual escalator.
  • Ability (subject to specific finance dynamics) for financing to be self-financing – cash neutral.
  • Secured on financed assets only.
  • Typical transaction size between £75,000 and £1,000,000.
  • Simple documentation and fast approval process.
  • Single point of contact, quick decisions and no fuss.
  • Funding provided by Société Générale Equipment Finance, arranged through ReEnergise Finance Limited.

Finance for third party installations

Our renewable energy project finance products are not limited to our own company projects and installations.

We are able to offer third party installers the same energy finance solutions for their end user clients as those offered to our own end user clients. Please contact us for further details.

Public Sector financing


Available to Public Sector organisations across England, Scotland and Wales.

Public Sector organisations can receive 100% interest free loans through Salix Finance, to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions.

We can assist organisations in the loan application process for interest free loans.

Public Sector Operating Lease

We offer an FRS 102 compliant operating lease. This incorporates largely the same benefits as those for businesses and independent schools.

The Department for Education’s guidance to schools states:

“A Finance Lease is equivalent to you committing the school to a loan, which is prohibited under current legislation.” (The Salix interest free loan has approval from The Secretary of State).

“An Operating Lease is the only type of lease a school should enter into. These leases involve the school paying a rental fee for the hire of an asset for a period of time, and are similar to a rental agreement. No other types of lease, such as a Finance Lease or Hire Purchase, may be entered into by the school as this is a form of borrowing.”

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