Repton School Solar PV Installation

We have completed a 50kW solar PV project for Repton School. The work started with modelling of options and feasibility studies for the school’s sports hall. We used the school’s energy usage figures to find the optimum solution in terms of cost and benefit, which resulted in the proposal of a 50 kWp solar array. We worked in conjunction with the school’s mechanical and electrical consultants who were introducing a combined heat and power (CHP) system to the site at the same time. We allowed for peak electricity generation levels when we applied for the solar PV connection to the grid together with a 30 kWe gas-powered CHP.

The solar PV panels were mounted on top of a new steel sheet over-cladding that was being installed on the sports centre roof. The enhanced roof was a proprietary system that required a compatible frame for the installation of solar panels.

The school is proud to promote their low carbon credentials, setting an example to pupils, parents and members of the public. In addition, the school is pleased with the financial returns ReEnergise achieved for them. We secured a high feed-in-tariff rate in spite of the building only achieving a grade ‘F’ on the sports centre’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). We did this by applying to OFGEM for an educational exception to the qualification. As a result, the school has 100% usage for the solar electricity and maximum tariff rates.