Nigel A-F talks to a client at the Schools and Academies Show

Last Thursday evening marked the round-up of the Schools and Academies Show at the NEC in which, over the space of one fast-paced day, Nigel and Ollie were able to have some interesting conversations with delegates from all over the country about their schools’ future net-zero objectives. It was exciting to speak to so many engaged schools about their ambition to either begin or continue with their decarbonisation journey. Conversations spanned from how ReEnergise is able to assist with government funding applications, such as PSDS and LCSF, right up to arranging Teams meetings to kick-off discussions for full estate decarbonisation plans (EDPs). We look forward to getting in touch with those we have already had the pleasure of speaking to and can’t wait to be back again next year.

The week prior, ReEnergise also held a stand at the ISBL conference and similarly enjoyed some engaging talks with school business leaders on how ReEnergise can assist with the development of estate decarbonisation plans and help schools on their path towards net-zero. Nigel and Ollie were pleased to have many meaningful conversations and reassure delegates that ReEnergise is here to help make sense of it all.

An over-arching theme in the discussions with delegates was that schools are obviously keen to move towards net-zero, however, they are less sure how to begin the process. As it so happens, Nigel held a talk in October in which he discovered during a live poll, that 69% of respondents were in the exact same headspace. Why not check out Nigel’s full presentation on the topic

Now couldn’t be a better time to get in touch with ReEnergise, establish your current situation, and book a talk to begin developing an estate decarbonisation plan for your school.