Financing of renewable installations

ReEnergise Finance has had a busy Summer of 2017 with two transactions in particular placing our Lease Finance offer competitively at the forefront of the 3rd-party finance market.

Through our growing relationship with Societe Generale, we have supported Lucton School with the finance for the installation of a new biomass district heating system with repayments spread over 9 years. We are also providing finance to Sherborne Girls to support the purchase of a new ground-source heat pump that is being installed as part of their development of a new centrepiece Arts Centre within the heart of the school.

Transactions over the summer totalled £768,250.

Our focus is to support businesses looking to finance energy projects that are either stand alone or part of a more comprehensive new or redevelopment programme. We are in most cases able to offer finance (including VAT), pre-commissioning stage payments and flexible payback terms at competitive Lease Finance rates of interest.

The benefits of lease finance include the ability to preserve your own existing financial resources, retain full ultimate ownership of the asset (including the revenue streams from subsidies such as the RHI and FiT) and even match cost savings to repayments over the term of the loan.

We are happy to work with consultants and installers who are looking to present a viable business case to clients for an investment in energy efficiency and are comfortable supporting most technologies including LEDs, Solar PV, Biomass, Heat Pumps and even conventional boiler systems.

If you have a project that might benefit from Lease Finance support then please call Stuart Murray, Director of ReEnergise Finance on 01428 608462.