An initiative to achieve low-carbon energy installations for schools and other estates on oil, at the least possible risk and without the requirement for capital investment.

ReEnergise is currently contacting schools and rural estates that use oil for heating, to gauge interest in a new financing scheme that we hope will provide the catalyst for converting before the Renewable Heat Incentive closes for new installations on 1st April 2021. For now, we’ve called it the Schools Low-Carbon Programme because it’s been developed in response to feedback from bursars and school governing bodies about existing options. However, it would work equally well for any rural estates seeking to transition without needing to find the capital.

Since first publicising it in mid-December last year 6 schools and one rural estate have already indicated an interest.

The nub of the issue is that there is a clear conflict between the national need to transition to low-carbon energy systems over the next few years and the challenges and risks that schools face in seeking to transition: in particular, a lack of capital for this type of project and no desire to be tied into a long-term lease.

We want to encourage as many schools as possible to consider this concept seriously in the coming year. For clients it would provide:

  • The same or better levels of heat.
  • Reduced annual operating costs.
  • Budget security.
  • A lot less hassle with the heating.
  • Excellent sustainability credentials.
  • Confidence of value for money.
  • No need to find the capital or be tied to any long-term fixed lease repayments.

We will run each project on an open-book basis, at a level of profit agreed in advance.

If any reader is interested and has not already received a direct communication about this, please let us know and we’ll provide more detail.

We do believe this will prove a game-changer.