With a BEng in Chemical Engineering (Hons) and BSc in Chemistry from the University of Sydney, Alex started his career in engineering consulting and project management firms, supporting clients in food & beverage and chemical manufacturing industries as well as the telecommunications sector. He has worked for a number of years as a Project Manager, successfully managing projects up to £3million for multinational clients in South East Asia and North America. Alex has long been enthusiastic about renewable energy technologies. In fact, his Bachelor Thesis investigated the suitability of different sorbents for CO2 capture and sequestration. To better align his interests with his career and become specialised in renewable energy project delivery, Alex obtained a Masters in Sustainable Development at Leipzig University in 2019. Here he learned about the latest in renewable energy technologies and the policy environment promoting their uptake. Alex is passionate about managing the delivery of renewable energy projects to the highest possible standards and is excited to be doing this as part of the ReEnergise team.