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  • "ReEnergise are a breath of fresh air in the energy business. They bring a novel approach to energy procurement, and evidently know a lot about energy account management. They’ve saved us a small fortune; and they are fun to work with. I highly recommend them."

    Emma Humphreys Estate Bursar, Charterhouse.
  • "ReEnergise were carefully chosen to write our self-funded Estate Decarbonisation Plan with a view to the School making an application for a PSDS grant.  The EDP process was managed efficiently from the initial phase of data gathering to production of the final report.  The School was kept engaged in the process and from the presentation of options, we were able to confidently select our future low- carbon heating solution.  ReEnergise supported us every step of the way with the PSDS application process right through to award of the grant.  We are very excited to continue to work with ReEnergise to deliver our low-carbon solutions and to start our decarbonisation journey."

    Amanda Chapman-Richardson School Business Manager, The Corsham School
  • "The recent successful conversion of much of our heating and hot water to a ground source heat pump system at St George’s College has been the most challenging project I’ve undertaken over the past 12 years. Why? Because so much of the project entailed work underground, which always incurs a degree of risk, no matter how careful the planning and preparation. I’m very grateful to ReEnergise: without their expertise and support this project would not have happened or been successful. I particularly valued their project management and engineering insights, and their communication of complex engineering and commercial issues in a straightforward and forthright manner."

    Greg Cole Bursar, St George’s College, Weybridge
  • "I have contacted several organisations for support with the net zero agenda, alongside ReEnergise. Whilst there are, of course, other people who have detailed technical knowledge and/or who have zero-carbon advisory experience across a range of sectors, I am yet to come across another organisation who understand so well how their work sits in the context of independent education. It saves so much time and money not having to get them up the curve on that."

    Sue Roxby Business Director, Methodist Independent Schools Trust

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