Here at ReEnergise we offer renewable energy solutions

We consult, design and deliver efficient low-carbon energy schemes that save our clients money.

Since we started in 2010 we’ve worked with and talked to hundreds of organisations. Some common themes have emerged:

  • Senior managers are often concerned about excessive energy usage and cost, but have more pressing demands on their time.
  • People don’t realise how much can be saved by investing in low-carbon or renewable energy solutions.
  • The related legislation and processes seem confusing.
  • Organisations lack the funds to invest.
  • The renewable energy market is confusing and hazardous because there are so many options, so many suppliers, and so many vested interests.

In short, good opportunities are being lost through lack of time and money, overly complex legislation, and a difficult and confusing renewable energy market.

Our approach is to find a way through all this for our clients, and guide them along it step-by-step. Think of us as enablers, sitting on the client’s side of the negotiating table, but knowing exactly which suppliers and installers to mobilise for a particular project, and then directing and coordinating their work on the client’s behalf.

our approach

We guide clients step-by-step through a risk reduction process

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  • "ReEnergise are a breath of fresh air in the energy business. They bring a novel approach to energy procurement, and evidently know a lot about energy account management. They’ve saved us a small fortune; and they are fun to work with. I highly recommend them."

    Emma Humphreys
    Emma Humphreys Estate Bursar, Charterhouse.
  • "I commend ReEnergise to you. They are a highly professional, client-focused team with a great deal of patience. They are also great fun to work with… Overall they have delivered outstanding value for money and I cannot fault them."

    Simon Miller
    Simon Miller Bursar, Sherborne Girls
  • "From all my research over the last two and a half years no-one else has come close to the level of engagement and commitment to providing a bespoke solution for the School."

    Rex Sartain
    Rex Sartain Estate Bursar, Abberley Hall
  • ''We have worked with ReEnergise on a range of Barlavington Estate low-carbon energy projects over the last five years.  They bring a refreshing approach to what can be a confusing marketplace. We greatly value their independent and pragmatic perspective.''

    Sebastian Anstruther
    Sebastian Anstruther Owner, Barlavington Estate
  • ''ReEnergise's emphasis on putting the customer's needs first is refreshing in this sector. They have provided us with rebates of over £40k on our energy procurement, delivered equally impressive savings going forward and we look forward to working with them on future energy reduction projects.''

    Jim Connelly Bursar, St Lawrence College
  • "The recent successful conversion of much of our heating and hot water to a ground source heat pump system at St George’s College has been the most challenging project I’ve undertaken over the past 12 years. Why? Because so much of the project entailed work underground, which always incurs a degree of risk, no matter how careful the planning and preparation. I’m very grateful to ReEnergise: without their expertise and support this project would not have happened or been successful. I particularly valued their project management and engineering insights, and their communication of complex engineering and commercial issues in a straightforward and forthright manner."

    Greg Cole Bursar, St George’s College, Weybridge

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